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Home >> News >> Carrying Out Cooling Comprehensively
Carrying Out Cooling Comprehensively
Addtime: 2013-05-30   Hits:804

  As the heating weather has already come since the mid of May, we’ve carried out timely some activities to make sure safety production and employees’ health.

   Firstly, disseminating safety production knowledge through teams meetings and sending the brochure of cooling to the workers; secondly, maintaining exhaust fans and fans of all the positions to make sure the air flow in all workshops; thirdly, putting ice at the workshops to help cool and providing salt beside the water machines for production workers; fourthly, all teams and clinic have stored sufficient all kinds of medicine as emergency

   With the temperature continues to rise, Administration Dep. will also provide cooling soup, soft drinks to ensure safety production in the whole heating season.

(By Huang Dekun)





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